Dwane and Melissa Frohloff live a very active lifestyle that a lot of couples would envy and many try to emulate. To their credit they both are practical people who have acquired an extensive wealth of knowledge. This has been gained by their adventures in the Australian bush together cooking, fishing and hunting. They love nothing more than creating and capturing an Appetite 4 The Wild.

Their passion of fishing and the ocean depicts their location on The Great Sandy Strait. You will spot them on the water in an estuary fishing or chasing seasonal runs of prawns and crabs in the Strait. They have spent countless hours exploring the reefs beyond the Coast of Fraser Island. They enjoy travelling to wild and remote locations in the north of our country beach fishing, boating,  camping and exploring our rugged environment.

With humble origins from bush settings and an eye for natural beauty, they adore the long lost skills of hunting and converting game meat into food for the table. There is never a shortage of some type of meat being prepared from wild game to create small goods such as wurst, salami’s and jerky. Local bush fruits are made into jams, marinades or savory dips.

Hunting and gathering is their means of enjoying the Australian outdoors and what it has to offer.

Their desire is to cook and create food. They are passionate about carrying on traditional recipes that have been passed through the generations. Both Dwane and Melissa have completed numerous cooking classes to improve and expand their culinary ideas and ingredient usage.

Neither has the ego to promote their skills from vanity. All trades learned have been through educational research, watching and listening to other people’s experiences, trying things out experimentally until it works.

Dwane and Melissa want to share their cooking, their fishing and their hunting adventures so you too can get an Appetite 4 The Wild.


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