Food and cooking is a big part of our life. It has taken us on journeys along our coast line in search of seafood, chasing game meat in the mountains, collecting bush tucker, plucking something from our garden or sourcing fresh foods from the local markets. We wish to share our love of cooking and food and want you to be able to create an Appetite 4 The Wild.

Cooking Blogs

Pantry for Remote Area Camping

It can be very challenging selecting a range of food that will see the distance...

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Appetite 4 the Wild Cast Alloy Oval Camp Oven

Appetite 4 the Wild is excited to release the newly designed lightweight cast alloy oval...

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Smoking Fish at Cape York

We fish hard most of the day when we are at Cape York, savouring every...

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STEP 1 – Find a herd of chital stags, pick out a spiker and harvest....

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Traditional Smoky Venison and Pork Brawn

Good old fashioned recipes are hard to beat. To successfully make a good smoky pork...

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