Hunting links us to both animals and their environment. We as hunters believe in utilising what we gather and conserve for tomorrow. Our Appetite 4 The Wild takes us on adventures hunting for food and gives us a deep connection with nature.

Hunting Blogs

Slow cooking rabbit in the camp oven on The Kingaroy Choofer

Rabbit is an amazing food source that is lean and similar in taste to chicken....

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Magpie Geese

When we decided we were going to the Northern Territory we looked into not only...

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  If you can gain access to a south western property and like to hunt,...

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Wild things in Cape York

When on our Cape York adventures we have come across many different animals and plants...

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STEP 1 – Find a herd of chital stags, pick out a spiker and harvest....

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Australia Day Hunt

It was the afternoon before Australia day and Melissa and I had gone bush. We...

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