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Appetite 4 the Wild Cast Alloy Oval Camp Oven

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Appetite 4 the Wild is excited to release the newly designed lightweight cast alloy oval camp oven. This oven is dedicated to the off road enthusiasts where every kilogram of weight makes a difference. It’s oval shape and size is the ultimate when cooking breads, roasts and vegetables, stews and curries for large dinners on the camp fire.


The 8 litre oval alloy aluminum oven is super light weight for its size and only weighs 5 kilograms in comparison to a cast iron oven that weighs in at a heavy 12kg. The oven is made from food grade aluminum which retains heat. Seasoning the oven is simple process, wash it and use it. It’s alloy construction is extremely durable and tough. If you happen to drop the oven it will remain in one piece. The entire oven can be placed in the camp fire with coals on the lid.


After each use wash the alloy oven out with water to clean and store them away without the fear of corrosion. The lid is removable and so is the camp oven handle. No need to worry about burning your fingers on a hot handle ever again. Forget about purchasing or carrying a lid lifter as an extra. The hook on the handle is designed for lifting the lid.


10 years ago we were converted from cast iron camp ovens to alloy ovens. We were on hunt in New Zealand when our guide lifted a camp oven from the car with ease to realize the oven was made from alloy, not only the oven was light it also cooked the best Tahr stew we had ever tasted. We didn’t leave the country until we got our hands on one to bring back home and we have been cooking in cast alloy camp ovens ever since.


A few years ago we made contact with a supplier of aluminum ovens in Australia, Aussie Oven Co and have bought and used the full range of his ovens. We decided there would be room to extend the range and wanted him to cast us an oval oven and hence the project began. With years of campfire cooking in alloy ovens and expertise from Aussie Oven Co in sand casting we collaborated to produce a wonderful new shape and design in alloy camp ovens.

Lamb neck stew



  • Cast alloy construction
  • Light weight
  • Strong removable handle
  • Durable
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Shape: Oval
  • Capacity: 8.5 litres
  • Overall Size: L 42cm x W 28cm x H 18cm




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