Halco Laser Pro 140DD

Halco Laser Pro 140DD

Halco’s new addition to Laser Pro series is the Laser Pro 140DD. The Halco Laser pro range has proven effective in all environments and is successful globally.Caught with the Halco Laser Pro 140

The high tech polycarbonate material construction of the bib has made it bullet proof and can withstand the big hits from bluewater species. Its fast action performs at low and high trolling speeds, with an optimum speed of 10 knots and dives to 2 metres. 140’s are produced in 9 of Halco’s most popular painted colours for conditions where bold profiles are required.

Ideal when targeting the pelagic species such as tuna, wahoo and mackerel.

The beauty of the Laser pro 140DD is it’s weight of 24g, which is ideal when a controlled cast is required, casting precisely to the edge of a structure or snag. This lure floats at rest and sits in the water with the weight dispersed towards the rear of the lure with the tail partially submerged. The predominant larger eye in this new Laser Pro 140DD model are exposed and imitates baitfish working the surface. An Irresistible target to any of the estuary species, barramundi, mangrove jack, salmon and cod.

The ultimate feature of Halco’s new 140DD is the detailed, raised and rounded pectoral fin so predators are unable to grip the smooth finish and slides onto the awaiting 1/0 Mustad treble attached with Halco’s 6xx split rings. Halco’s 140DD is durable and dependable straight from the box.  You name the fish, this lure will catch it.

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