Schneider 8 Carrier Pink Braid

Schneider 8 Carrier Pink Braid

Schneider 8 Carrier Pink Braid:
Schneider 8 Carrier Pink Braid offers sensitivity, super smooth and is supplied in a high visible colour “pink“
The retail fishing industry receives continuous demands for high performance braid from the consumers and this new product has fore filled all requirements.
This new braid is an 8 strand that is made from 100% spectra.
Spectra is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibres made by Honeywell in the USA.
Schneiders 8 carrier pink braid is available in sizes 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50lb.
The spools sizes are 150yds and 300yds and for the dedicated fisherman it is also available in bulk spools of 1500YDS.
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We were given a spool of 30 and 50lb of the new pink 8 braid for field testing at the trade show which couldn’t have happened at a better time, considering we were going to the Northern Territory on a fishing adventure of a lifetime to East Arhnem Land.
My Abu Garcia Revo SX was spooled with 30lb and the Toro 50 was spooled with 50lb.

The braid certainly lived up to the Schneider reputation of the most reliable fishing line on the market.
The smooth and subtle texture of the braid allowed the line to flow through the guides of the rod which provides the angler with optimal distance and accuracy when casting.
These qualities allowed me to site cast lures with pin-pointing accuracy into the strike zone between fallen timber and snags.
This resulted in hook ups on barramundi, mangrove jack and Queensland grouper and this is where the abrasive resistant and durable braid survives.
If you have site casted barramundi before you will know how lazy and uninterested these fish can be until you tap them on the head with a lure.
Hitting your target can often be the difference between the fish taking you lure or not.
The improved distance when casting that is gained from the new braid is extremely beneficial.
After throwing small metal slugs into schools of spotted mackerel in Hervey Bay proved that gaining more distance out of a cast enhances the hook up rate when extra distance is needed .

Trolling with hi visibility pink allows excellent vision of lines to determine how to set your lure patterns.
When casting you can visually follow the direction you have cast a lure and upon retrieval the bright colour will allow you to establish where your line is.
When hooked up to a good fish, crossovers with other lines can be avoided simply by being able to see what direction your line is travelling.
You will not only keep your crew members happy by avoiding tangles, it will also be the difference in staying connected and landing that trophy fish.

Schneider Super Smooth 8 braid ticks all the boxes when fishing deep water because of the direct sense of feel and keeping you in touch with what is happening on the end of your line.
Micro jigging requires lift and retrieve techniques that are enhanced with the new sensitive feel of this smooth braid.
The vibrant pink colour above water is easily recognisable but has low visibility below the surface. This feature allows your line to almost disappear in front of a fishes nose which keeps your bait or lures looking as natural as possible.

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